Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship 2023

There are many international scholarship opportunities for African students but many are not aware of this fact. Knowing this fact and letting many be aware of this fact is the wisest decision any African student could make because schooling outside Africa, especially in one of the most developed nations in the world would develop the Africa continent through creative manpower and human resources acquired in the course of learning.

Developed countries are not just developed without resourceful personnel. They have scholarship opportunities that help their learners to gain what will develop their countries and they do not stop there as they continue showing African people reason they are called developed nations and this reason has made them design workable social mechanism through a well-defined manpower program which was championed by excellent learners.

So if Africa must be on a competitive edge with the developed world. It could only be achieved through research-based education and merit-based scholarship which can only be found in the developed world but absent in developing nations. And to get this research-based education, since it is not much available in Africa. Africans need to go to developed world universities where all the first hands teaching will be taught that will later translate into African development. And if Africans must achieve this, they need a scholarship scheme to augment it since it’s become a norm for the African government to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the African situation.

Fortunately for the African continent, there are several international scholarships awarded to exceptional Africans to develop Africa. In this article, you will be informed of one of these available scholarships for African students known as Genevieve McMillan Reba Stewart Student Scholarship, eligibility, requirements, needed documents, and scholarship financial coverage.

About Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship Scheme

Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation is an international organization founded in 2005 to make the vision of Genevieve McMillan come to the realization and as well as to honor and immortalize MacMillan’s friend, artist Reba Stewart. The founder of the Foundation died in 2008 and the foundation became fully functional in 2010 when the Foundation partnered with Sciences Po.
About the Scholarship

The foundation’s scholarship is aimed at celebrating the African continent and its people; a passion nurtured by MacMillan. The organization has collaborated with Sciences Po American Foundation to award scholarships based on merit to sub-African students who are academically exceptional. The scholarship scheme gives the scholarship recipients opportunities to access the French tertiary education system and it is primarily conducted through Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe Africa Program.

Scholarship Eligibility

The Foundation gives its scholarship based totally on merit and adjudged based on applicants’ academic records, social factors, and the following eligibilities:

  • Applicants must be citizens of any of sub-Saharan African countries.
  • Applicants must have been admitted into Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe Africa program.
  • Applicants must have completed secondary education in any of sub-Saharan African countries.

Application Process

Applicants must have indicated an interest in studying at Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe Africa degree program by completing an online application on the admission website of Sciences Po on this link In the middle of two weeks of applying for Sciences Po’s Europe Africa Program, all interested applicants should equally apply for Genevieve McMillan Reba Stewart Scholarship through the following email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] and the submission of application on designated email addresses should accompany with a cover letter.

The cover letter must explain the motivations that interest applicants to pursue a course of study at Sciences Po’s Undergraduate Europe Africa Program and the benefits applicants will derive from Genevieve McMillan Reba Stewart Scholarship.
Scholarship Financial Coverage

The scholarship’s financial status covers successful applicants’ tuition fees for the duration of the course of study.

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