10 Best Nigerian University To Study Computer Science 2023

As we all have witnessed, technology has become one of the most crucial tools that are involved in every part of human activities, the world as a whole is now governed by information communication technology (ICT). Technology has made the life of man easier by providing tools for solving his daily problems.

In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Nigeria to study computer science and the criteria required to study this course in any of the universities, we also list in this article the JAMB subject combination to be chosen by candidates who apply to study computer science. The subject combination is the use of English, mathematics, physics, and then choosing one out of the following Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Geography to make it four which is the total number offered by JAMB.


1. Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA)

FUTA remains one of the best 21st-century federal universities offering computer science in Nigeria. It is very good in technical and computer science courses, it has a well equipped and developed ICT department with qualify staffs to handle the discipline. Computer science course has a duration of four years

2. Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology

It is a state-government-established school that is located in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is a long-standing institution although not too long which is one of the things that contribute to its proficiency in computer science. It has an effective and well-facilitated computer science department with brilliant staff who are capable of taking care of the courses. The school has a standard in computer science.

3. University Of Ibadan(IBADAN)

The University of Ibadan came into existence during the pr-independence era in 1948. The school is known for its efficiency in computer science, it has a well-developed ICT department rated in global standard. This made a lot of people recommend it for computer science.

4. University Of Jos

This school is undoubtfully one of the best universities to study computer science in Nigeria. It was founded in 1971, located in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria.

5. University Of Ilorin

UI is located in Kwara state, It was established by the federal government of Nigeria. It trains students to be self-reliant in the field of computer science, it has an ICT depart that devote to training to be quality computer engineers.

6 Obafemi Awolowo University

The school is commonly known as OAU. It is a federal university that was established in 1961, located in ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. It belongs to the 3 best public universities in Nigeria. The department of computer science in OAU is a field with qualified staff who are capable of taking each of the courses.

7. Covenant University

The university is one of the best 21st-century universities located at Ota, Ogun state. it has a well-developed academic system and it provides a conducive environment for students learning computer science. The students are allowed access to the internet and other ICT services.

8. University Of Benin

The university of Benin popularly called uniben is considered one of the first generation universities in Nigeria established in 1971. located in Benin State, Nigeria. It has an ICT center that is recognized internationally. It is known for adequate delivery of computer services and good quality staffs.

9. University Of Nigeria Nsuka

It is located in Enugu State, Nigeria. It is one of the best universities recommended for anyone who has a dream in computer science. It has an ultra-modern ICT center with equipment to make the study of computer science easy for students. It possesses good quality lecturers.

10. University Of Lagos

It is a federal government-established university with adequate facilities that aid the study of computer science. it has an excellent ICT department and qualified teachers.

In Nigeria’s academic system, it is very important to be aware that facilities and equipment concerning ICT differ. Thus, this has helped potential computer aspirants make the choice of institutions in which they consider the best for their field.

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